Sunday, September 1, 2013

I am In Love

It's been 3 years since I last hyperventilated over a designer handbag. I know, I am shallow like that. Yes, my designer handbags are all in their dust bags on the top shelf of my wardrobe except for one which I should on a daily basis.
When I have time to myself in the city, I can be found wandering from one designer handbag boutique to the next because it makes me feel sooo good! This is what I used to do before the kids came along - As a 'reward' to myself for being good, I will splurge on a bag that tickles my fancy and I believe in delayed gratification because the outcome is all the sweeter!
For those who are shallow like me, you will know this style by Louis Vuitton very well. It is the Neverfull. I have always found this style to be effortlessly practical, it is an ideal tote or the laces can be tightened to create a more compact, chic city bag but didn't like it in the monogram canvas UNTIL NOW.
It is now in my favourite ... EPI LEATHER!!!!!
According to the Louis Vuitton website, her detailed features include:
  • Size being 32 x 29 x 19cm
  • Available in 6 other colours and I love this colour the most!
  • Smooth leather trim
  • Shiny silver brass metallic pieces
  • Calfskin and microfiber lining
  • Removable pouch attached to D-ring

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