Thursday, September 12, 2013

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

There are many aspects of my children's personality that I love and not love.
This is one that I really love because it cracks me up all-the-time and reminds me ever so acutely the importance of my behaviour especially when they are around. I do try my hardest and yes, I am fiery. Yes, I have melt downs just like they do. Enough said.
Our children are happiest when they are around us especially at home. They like to see what we get up to and participate where appropriate.
See that 'Little Tikes' Car? Well, the husband bought it on eBay with our kids in mind. Needless to say, Daniel has claimed it exclusively and thank goodness, Charlotte understands and accepts his possessiveness. *phew*
The husband parked his car on our front lawn as he was tidying up the garage. Yes, Daniel was driving his car too and thought that if that 'parking' spot was good enough for daddy, it must be good enough for him too. It's so cute and I am so glad I captured this moment.
A few moments later, a manic driver in his Jaguar sped down our quiet street. Yes, Daniel was still on that exact spot. On the lawn next to the street. I was astonished, shocked and angry all at the same time. Yes, the fire in me burnt and I shouted at the driver to "SLOW DOWN! THERE ARE KIDS ON THIS STREET!"
Then...Daniel started ranting. I could not make out what he was saying and believe he was merely mimicking agreeing with me.

We nodded at each other, gave high 5's, hugged and went on our way.

Magdalene xxx


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