Friday, September 20, 2013

Our Paediatrician: One of my sanity savers as a "young" mum

5 months young
(L: Charlotte's top reads "As seen on ultrasound"
R: Daniel's top read "Famous on Facebook")

Charlotte and Daniel are turning 29 months this Sunday. WOW! It seems like each month is whizzing by quicker than the previous. Is that possible?
I look at the photo above and marvel at how far they have come. Honestly, I doubt I will stop marvelling at them for all the good and not so good bits.
This photo was taken on their 5th month at home after a visit to Dr Prado, their Paediatrician. I remember that day like it was yesterday. He weighed and measured them - 80th percentile for weight and 60th percentile for height, enquired about food & milk intake and the all important, sleep. NEVER did I think that was our FINAL visit to Dr Prado. In fact, he gave me a kiss on my cheek and told me this:
"You are doing such a great job with these kids.
Do not doubt yourself.
They {Charlotte and Daniel} have no need to see me again unless
you think they should.
Well-done mummy.
Continue to do what you are doing. Take care."
Tears rolled down my cheeks in that instance.
Relief that my children were (still are) thriving, that my crazy ideas & methods work for them and grateful that we had such a wonderful Paediatrician who coached me through those treacherous months of feeding, sleep training, reflux, constipation, etc..
All parents need a Paediatrician like him. Someone who is matter of fact, encouraging, shared practical tips that could be implemented at home and most importantly, his kindness. I always departed from his clinic feeling happy, supported and assured.

Thank you Dr Prado. I am so please that there are Paediatricians like you who know that a mum's sanity is just as important as the infant's well-being.

Magdalene xxx


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