Thursday, September 26, 2013


A picture is worth a thousand words
...what about a series of three pictures? Three thousand words perhaps. I don't know if I can manage that many words in this post.
This series of photo pretty much sums up the 3 key personality traits of Daniel and Charlotte. They are curious, cheeky and helpful.
On this occasion, Daniel spots two decorative birds on the ground.
Did I mention he loves animals? He holds them by their tails and .... tips them over and ... roars with laughter! Charlotte comes along and rescues them. She does not love animals but she is always keen to help and does the right thing by propping them back up on their feet. She's very kind. Daniel sees what she's done and ... you guessed it, tips them over and ... roars with laughter again. Charlotte sees what he's done and ... you guessed it, props them back up on their feet.
This scene played over and over again. It's like watching a VHS tape on television. Rewind, stop, play. Rewind, stop, play. OKAY, you get the point. Eventually, Charlotte got tired of the nonsense, grabbed the birds and handed them over to me. Solution.
The end.
Magdalene xxx

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