Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Things My Toddlers Do and Say in the Public Toilet

This incident happened 3 weeks ago in the Parents' Room at our favourite library.
This particular parents' Room has 1 toilet cubicle and a generous space outside the cubicle with a change table attached to the wall, microwave, sink and couch.
While I was changing Charlotte on the change table, I casually said to Daniel who was exploring the joint that he must not press the red button on the wall (located next to the toilet).
Now, why did I have to draw his attention to that elusive red button? WHY?!
Back to changing Charlotte and I hear the alarm go off. Damn. Yes, Daniel pressed the red button.
 Instead of rushing through the nappy change at break neck speed, I thought best to go really slow because some official person from the library will be walking in soon to check things out and I want to ensure that he/she sees that I am indeed helpless and cannot leave a toddler on her own on the change table and supervise my son at the same time.
Right on cue, a librarian in her mid 50s walks in and enquiries if we are all OK. I assured her that we were and explained the situation to her. At this point, I still had my hand on Charlotte's tummy so she could see that my hands were tied. This librarian was very grumpy and was not going to let me go "scot free".
Please tell your son not to touch the red button on the wall
I have told him that and am unable to supervise him while changing my daughter in case she falls off the change table that is attached to the wall.
Just tell him not to touch it. Shut the toilet door so he cannot walk in.
My son is tall enough to open and shut the door independently.
Would you prefer I leave my daughter on the change table on the off chance that she might roll over, crack her skull on the floor, break her bones and who knows what else?
I will then sue the council for installing the red emergency button within reach of toddlers which resulted in an accident that will last a lifetime.
(Clearly, wants the last word)
Just tell your son not to touch the red button.
(Still with my hand on Charlotte who is on the Change Table)
OK. My son respects authority especially from strangers.
Would you like to tell him please?
{Librarian tells Daniel in a kind voice while he looked down
at the floor the entire time with his mouth twitching.
She exits and by this time I had finished changing Charlotte.}
While I was packing up, Charlotte took Daniel by his hand and walked into the toilet cubicle. I know what you are thinking, I did too until I heard the following conversation.
Daniel, see that red button? No pressing ok? No pressing.
My precious children walked out of the cubicle while my heart strained to contain my pride and trying desperately not to laugh at the same time. I beckoned the both of them to hop back into the twin stroller, which they did without any hesitation. *Phew*

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  1. Urgh! Well, I'm glad that she talked to Daniel kindly. She isn't heartless after all. Perhaps she's jealous of you having gorgeous twins :)

    1. Hi Adora!

      Yes you are right. I am glad she spoke to Daniel kindly too.

      Thanks for your lovely compliments of my children. You are very kind.

      Cheers, Mags