Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Yes. They are still sleeping in cots.

Our soon to be 29 month young toddlers are still in their cots. In fact, they have been in those cots from the day they came home from hospital at 4 days young.
From time to time, we entertain the notion of transitioning them from their cots to junior beds (thank goodness their cots have the ability to be 'transformed') and our instincts tell us to hold this one off for as long as we can because:
* They are not climbing in & out of their cots yet (touching wood). Believe me, they are very good climbers especially Charlotte.
* They share the same room and go to bed at the same time every single night.
* It's wonderful to know that they are contained and cannot walk into our bedroom as and when they like so that we can sleep!
Our experience at IKEA confirms our decision to not transition them into junior beds anytime soon. Yes, they had a fantastic time - jumping on beds, trying out the different bedding, putting their heads on the pillows, swapping beds, etc.
After their first fun -filled experience of beds jumping-swapping-laying, we went for dinner and no surprises what they wanted to do after dinner...back to beds jumping-swapping-laying.
OK, no beds for them for now.

Magdalene xxx


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