Tuesday, October 15, 2013

10 Interesting facts about raising twins

Expecting two?
Dreaming about two?
Raising two?

Being blessed with two at the same time is certainly overwhelming in every sense of the word, in a good way. Trust me. Especially if they are your first children just like ours are.
From the first moment we saw them on the ultrasound, we were blown away. When we saw their flickering heart beats, we were well and truly goners -  head over heels in love with them.
My husband and I are forever changed from that moment. In a good way. Trust me.
Our dynamic duo continues to amaze and horrify us at every turn.  We remember walking around like zombies during those early months of intensive nurturing and seriously lack of down time. Still, trust me on this. It is all good.
Like the saying goes, "What does not break you, will make you stronger." Whether you are expecting, dreaming or raising two, here are some interesting facts that I know you will enjoy knowing and reaffirming.
#1 You will likely give birth early
Being pregnant with multiples means you are also more susceptible to other complications. Therefore, for peace of mind and if you are able to, choose a good gynaecologist/ obstetrician to support you through your pregnancy. Importantly, take on his / her advice! If he / she tells you to stop work at 28 weeks, DO IT! I did and it paid dividends because I carried my twins to full-term and they were born healthy and without any complications. 
#2 You will be more susceptible to PND
Post Natal Depression, that is. Read up during your pregnancy and know those symptoms. If something ain't feeling right after you have given birth, it is most likely the case (do not trivialise it by blaming sleep deprivation). See your doctor, pronto. I did just that and am all the better for it.
#3 You will love your twins equally ... sometimes, one more than the other
It is totally possible to love both your children equally. Really. Sometimes, when one is throwing a tantrum  while the other is playing quietly...you will love the quieter twin more than the tantrum throwing one.
#4 You will be fascinated by their relationship
Their relationship is solid. Whether they are identical or non identical twins, I believe the sibling bond starts in the womb. They will seek  / protect / love one another and also fight / argue / hit / scream / shout / cry and DEMAND for your attention at the same time!
#5 You will be very conscious about not being overt about comparisons
It is true that when there are two, the differences are even more obvious. You will be conscious about not verbalising your comparisons too obviously and will only use those comparisons to your advantage like meal times e.g. "Look, your brother has finished his dinner. Eat up!" / "Your sister is going to have desert because she's finished her dinner. Eat up if you don't want to miss out!"
#6 You will be very organised and have them on the same routine
You will have very little free time and that means, you will be very organised. This enables the family to function as smoothly as possible because everyone knows what's happening at certain times of the day. Trust me, twins being on the same routine is fantastic! They eat, nap, bath and sleep at the same time. It's a sanity saver! Persist with the routine and it will pay dividends in the long run.
#7 You know your kids will have to share
This of course does not mean that your children will want to share. Whether they want to or not, they have no choice in this. At the very least they will be very familiar with the concept of sharing and it will only reinforce to them that the world does not always revolve around them.
#8 You will not be a helicopter parent
Even though safety will be your number one priority, you will  unable to  hover over both kids constantly. This may mean more bumps and bruises along the way.  The upside? The twins will be able to explore and learn about their limitations.
#9 You will be able to deal with strangers who ask silly questions
Nothing shocks or surprises me anymore. You can either smile and walk away, answer politely or respond according to your mood.

#10 You will learn to say NO very quickly
You will learn very quickly what your family is capable of achieving and which events they can reasonable attend. Our calendar is pared down and we work around their nap and bedtime because tired & grumpy kids = stressful time for the parents!


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