Friday, October 4, 2013

A working mummy's WEEK!

Even before the twins came along, I have always been organised and therefore, it is no surprise that I am the Chief Organiser of our family.
Of late, I have been receiving a significant number of emails requesting that I share what a typical day / week looks like in my life as a working mummy without any paid domestic help and how I fit everything in my life.
The short answer, if you cannot be bothered reading the rest of this post is simply this:
I do not and cannot fit everything in my life. I prioritise.
My family of 4 always comes first. I do not conform to expectations.
To the rest who would like to know what a typical day / week looks like in my life, I invite you to read on and request that you share your life with me too.

My Typical Day (workday)...
 Alarm goes off at 5:25am, into the ensuite for my shower, change into the outfit that is hanging up from the night before and drive out of the garage at 5:45am while everyone in my family is still fast asleep. I work from 6:15am to 2:15pm with the exception of Wednesdays.
I am home by 2:45pm and go about doing some household chores (taking laundry off the line, unstacking the dishwasher, tidying up, getting the kids' dinner prepared, getting their bedroom ready for bedtime, etc).
At 3:30pm, I get the kids from childcare and we come home for cuddles & play before dinner at 4:30pm. The husband is typically home by 5:30pm and takes over the bath time while I clean & tidy up and prepare our dinner.

Bath time is over at 6pm and I join the husband & kids in their bedroom for the next half of the bedtime routine - getting changed, reading books, drinking milk, cuddling up. Lights out at 6:30pm.
The husband & I sit down and enjoy our dinner, undertake some household chores, relax and it's lights out for us by 9:30pm.
Being a Working Mummy...
means I have to be very organise and multi-task. For example, while spaghetti is being cooked in a pot for 10 minutes, laundry can be taken off the line, kids' bedroom can be prepared for bedtime with their clothes laid out for after bath, go to the toilet uninterrupted, cook up a tray of sausages on the fry pan (for tomorrow's meal) while giving the kitchen / family room a quick vacuum and tidy.
Biggest Challenge as a Woking Mummy ...the never ending tasks to accomplish before picking the kids up from childcare. Yes, I can keep them in care longer but I choose not to. That's why I rush around like a headless chicken for 30 minutes or so when I get home from work so that I can spend the next 3 hours with them. Quality 3 hours with my children, uninterrupted.

Favourite Time of the Day ...

6:30pm when the kids go to bed. That's when the husband & I catch up over dinner, do some household chores, relax together over our favourite TV series or hibernate in different parts of our home for some 'me' time before going to bed.
The Last Time I lost my Cool with the kids…
On Monday afternoon. The unreasonable fussing displayed by them drove me up the wall, through the roof and beyond the galaxy! I SCREAMED and that was certainly not one of my finest moments.
Spending enough time with my kids …
Work will never finish and my kids will not be little / young for long. When they are awake, I spend quality time with them. Ensuring that they are well fed, have clean clothes to wear, go on mini outings which are short & enjoyable, never ending cuddles & kisses, that they have their day nap and go to bed at the same time every night. Housework can always wait until they are in bed. What about looming deadlines at work? I get up even earlier, get into the office even earlier and knock it over.
Going back to work after being a mummy ... 
It was an easy decision because childcare became available at a centre of my preference and the company I work for accepted my proposed new work conditions that enables me to still have quality time with my children while performing at my peak in the corporate sector.
Making Weekends Special ...
I say "we" because without the support of my husband, I wouldn't be able to do what I do. We are a family of early risers as we retire early also. 
Saturday mornings at 8am is the kids' weekly swimming lessons and we jump into the pool with them too. After swimming, we spend more time at home before their nap and when they wake up, we have an outing as a family and their bedtime of 6:30pm is strictly applied.
Sundays on the other hand, is our 'no plan' day. We relax and do whatever takes our fancy - may take the form of a visit to the weekend markets / check out a new park / go for a bike ride in the morning. The kids still love their day nap so we plan our weekends around that by way of ensuring that we are home for it or a long drive to a destination so that they can nap in the car.
Advice to other mummies ...
Every child and family is different. Do what works for yours!
Have a lovely weekend with your family and never stop making memories,
Magdalene xxx


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