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Confession: Do I need to wean myself off them??

My confession is very time specific. As in, it relates to the maternity period - during pregnancy and when I stopped breast feeding the twins.
Are you ready for this? I hope you don't think lesser of me as a consequence.
My twins are soon to be 2.5 years old and ....
I am still wearing maternity bras! Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you.
Yes, I no longer breast feed them so why am I still wearing those maternity bras???!!!
They are very comfortable, that's why. Also, I was professionally fitted for them during the first trimester of my pregnancy and I LOVE THEM. Did I mention how very comfortable they are against my skin without all that underwire crap?!
No, they are not the matronly designed ones (except for two which I succumbed to because of comfort).
Do I have to wean myself off them???
Vulnerably yours,