Thursday, October 24, 2013

Daniel's first day surgery: Glue Ear

Yes, he will be wearing this outfit to hospital because he LOVES IT!
Daniel is undergoing Day Surgery to treat his glue ear (in both ears) today.
What is glue ear?
Its medical term is call Otitis media with effusion (accumulation of fluid in the middle ear). This fluid is often thick and sticky (hence the term "glue).
What are the contributing factors associated with glue ear?
Commonly affects children under the age of 3, ear infections and the cold season.
Daniel has had a few ear infections since infancy and this often occurs when he has a cold. Often this infection settles down quickly and requires no treatment, but sometimes antibiotic treatment is required.
We saw his GP a month ago as a follow-up from Daniel's last bout of ear infection and both middle ears were still filled with fluid. Makes me wonder how he can hear me through all that gunk?! That was when the GP suggested that we take him to see a ENT specialist.
This was no surprise to me because I knew in my gut for a few months now that something was amiss and somehow felt that this was the road we have to travel with Daniel.
By the way, Daniel has no issue with his hearing. In fact, he speaks and his vocabulary has increased in recent weeks.
What is the treatment?
Grommets also known as ventilation tubes are small tubes about the size of a march head are placed in the eardrum. These allow air to flow into the middle ear, restoring an equal air pressure between the middle ear and the atmosphere, and allow the "glue" to drain down the Eustachian tube or to be reabsorbed into the tissues.
Benefits of Grommets
  • Restoration of good hearing
  • Decreasing the frequency of infections
What's happening on the day of surgery?
Daniel and I will be in hospital from 6:45am with his surgery scheduled for 8:00am. He will be under General Anaesthetic for the 15 minute procedure.
He will come home with me after a few hours when he has recovered from the anaesthesia.  No medication is required and he will be excused from swimming lessons for two weeks.
Follow up
There will be follow-up visits until the grommet falls out, as they are designed to go. The hole in the ear drum gradually heals and pushes the grommet into the ear canal, usually in 6 to 12 months. The ear drum usually heals quickly as the grommet falls out.

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