Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fun in our backyard: Glam-ping

The children love playing in tents. In fact, we go to a camping super store monthly for them to run around and check out various tents while we, the parents, sit  / lie in hammocks. Talk about lazy parenting, that's us!
On the weekend, their daddy dusted off our "two men" tent that we used for camping ONCE when we were dating. Those were the days. Suffice to say, Charlotte and Daniel were thrilled to bits! They helped set it up so to speak and as you can see from the first series of photos (above), the interior of the tent started out relatively basic albeit two toddler sized pull out couches. Then...
This happened. Out came the books and toy fire engine. Yes, do you spot the pavers that the tent is sitting on? Looks out of place in a camp site doesn't it?
Well, the tent is set up underneath our generous patio and wait for this....there's a ceiling fan above and a pedestal fan pointing towards the tent! Now, that is not camping!!!
Where was I?
Well, I am not a camping sort of mummy so I was sitting on our comfy outdoor chair with a chilled glass filled to the brim with iced Nespresso Coffee while the kids played in the tent and daddy tried resting alongside them. Yes, daddy is a glass half full kinda fella. Then this took place...
Yes, out came the assortment of cushions from both the family and media rooms. Just when I thought our children are the rough and tumble sorts, they pull this stunt! Well, they are after all, my children and comfort is paramount. They were converting a basic tent into a Bedouin one!
The husband was clearly tickled pink and said to me in all seriousness that we should take the kids camping, for real. We will put them in one tent with bunk beds and we will have the other. I laughed and laughed and LAUGHED!
No doubt, at some point in our lives, the children will beckon us to go camping and maybe, I may give in on the proviso that I can bring my air-conditioning with me!


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