Friday, October 11, 2013

Grateful Fridays: Candid Moments!

This series of images are my favourites at the moment as it captures surrender and joy in its purest form.
It was a particularly HOT Spring's day and the perfect way to cool and amuse toddlers is to put them in water. Yes, it would have been easier turning the air-conditioning on in the media room but really, kids these days need to toughen up! Life is too easy, for them. 

Needless to say, Daniel and his sister had a splashing good time. All 45 minutes of it. In toddlers' term, that's a lifetime. In parents' term, that's perfect for us to just sit and enjoy the moment without any fussing...well, spluttering of warning every now and then directed at each of them and / or both of them at the same time.
Still, it was fun and am grateful to be present for such candid moments!

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