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Grateful Fridays: My resilient and inspirational son

With my line of work, I am bless to come in contact with inspirational individuals of all ages and walks of life. This certainly contributes to me being a glass half full sort of a person.
The 'latest' most inspirational person is deeply personal because he is my son.
Yesterday was a "big" day for him. (Click here to find out why)
Despite being in hospital at 6:45am and in hunger (hadn't eaten and drunk since 6:20pm from the previous evening), he was a great kid.
Happy, polite and cooperative.
The environment was foreign to him and everyone (except me) were strangers. He did not fret once. What a blessing and relief!
We had numerous interviews with various medical staff as part of our admission. He was the youngest patient that morning and first on the list to be operated on.
We walked hand in hand into the operating theatre and as I laid him down on the operating theatre, he grabbed my fingers very tightly, looked into my eyes and said, "Charlotte?"
My demeanour of control and positivity almost gave way to tears. I was so touched that even at that 'crucial' moment, he thought of his sister. He loves her very, very much.
When the anaesthetist placed the mask over his face, I sang him his favourite nursery rhyme "Ba Ba Black Sheep". To my surprise, the entire medical team sang along with me. Once again, I was immensely touched by the support and care rendered by the team. Yes, I almost cried but held it in and then I felt Daniel's grasp loosen as the sleepy gas took over.
I kissed my son on his chubby cheek and walked out.
He was already in recovery being cuddled by another nurse when I walked back in. He literally leapt into my arms and we cuddled in bed for the next hour. It was so special.

Daniel amazed me on every level - his resilience, understanding, cooperation, loving and positive spirit.

He inspires me to continually convert obstacles into opportunities. If he can do it at 2.5 years old, surely I can do it too!

Thank you Daniel. For inspiring me to always put my best foot forward.

Deeply grateful,