Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I became the mother I said I would never be

Pixar Cars PJs - good for sleep and play
My son is obsessed with Pixar Cars. OBSESSED.

Yes I have become the kind of mother I said I would never be. The kind who indulges in her child's obsession. With cartoon characters, that is.

I can't help myself.

The glint in his brown eyes as they widen, the double dimples etched on his face, the big smile and chuckle that shows off two rows of straight brilliantly white teeth and the jumping up & down with excitement.
I am pretty sure that if he could jump out of his skin, he would.
His obsession is also my trump card.
If I need to get him changed and out of the home without any prolong fuss, out comes his Pixar cars t-shirt. He has 2. Yes, I have my limits too!
If he wears his Pixar Cars PJs to bed, he will not change out of it for the entire next day!!!!! Therefore, very clever planning needs to be employed.
This obsession is very important business to a boy of 29 months and must be handled with the utmost diplomacy and delicacy.

Magdalene xxx
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  1. Phew. Never say never eh? :) thanks for linking up. Let me try to figure out why the link doesn't work!

    #gingerbreadmum swung by to say hi!

    1. Yes! Never say never!!!!!

      Now, I know why some kids go out dressed "funny"! Some battles just ain't worth fighting or winning over. Sanity rules!!!!!