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Imagination: Through Crafting {Breeds Contentment}

Have you noticed that when children are playing on their own, they live in a different world? Look at the concentration etched on their faces like my daughter in the photo above. I wonder what she's thinking and what stories she is conjuring in her mind.
Nothing else mattered at that moment except her craft. Time has literally stood still.
Having young children reminds me to pause and enjoy the moments even when the clock indicates that it's toilet time for her or that I should be cleaning the kitchen bench top as oppose to staring at her in wonderment.
Yes, I have become that parent who stares at her children. I am also that parent who smiles while staring at her children. Yes, I am also that parent who will run up to her children, cuddles and kisses them until they push me away, even in public. Actually, especially in public when they behave! Yes, I am that parent and I am unashamed of it.