Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Imagination: Through Role Playing {Breeds Contentment}

You would be right to assume that my son only has 1 set of clothes. Yes the one that he is seen wearing in the photo on the left. Suffice to say, it's his favourite Pixar Cars PJs.
On this day, he simply changed out of his overnight  PJs (non Pixar cars) in the morning and changed into his Pixar Cars PJs for the day. He insisted.
Some battles are just not worth winning.
You would be right to also assume that he watches Pixar Car movie daily. Yes, he is a fanatic and watches it for 15 minutes at a time.
On this  particular day, he was watching the movie on the couch in peace until some random scene that features Mater and Lightning McQueen together ... he jumped off the couch excitedly, went straight for his Mater and Light McQueen that were "resting" on top of the bookshelf that he shares with his sister and brought them back to the media unit underneath the television and proceeded to act out the scene!
I couldn't believe my eyes and stood on the ground unmoved for quite a few seconds.
Yes, I have become that parent who stares at her children. I am also that parent who stares at her children with her mouth wide open. I am that parent who wants to bottle up all that innocence and keep the lid tightly shut forever. Yes, I am also that parent who knows how lucky she is to be able to witness the wondrous moments in her children's lives.

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