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On a Date with my daughter

Last weekend, my daughter and I went on a date to our local cake & coffee shop for a teeny bit of indulgence after her weekly 7:30am swimming class. Yes 7:30am.

We walked in with our hair still dripping slightly at the ends and went straight to the wonderful display showcasing all the yummy delights. We smacked our lips, pointed at various cakes that caught our greedy eyes and told her that she could choose 1 of three mini cupcakes available. She chose chocolate topped with chocolate ganache and mini marshmallows. Great choice, kid. I went for skinny flat white with mini Jaffa cupcake. They were moist and oh so perfect.

I let her choose where we sat and she picked a corner spot in air-conditioning comfort. She's a daughter after my own heart. Even she enjoys air-conditioning as oppose to sitting outdoors.

We savoured our delights over conversations, pointing out chocolate stains on each other's faces and laughed. Time did not matter and our slightly wet hair dripping ever slowly down our backs did not faze us either. 

At that moment, we were the only two people that existed. 

I looked at her intently and marvel at her rapid physical growth. 
She is losing her baby look and chubbiness.

I listened and concentrated on her facial expressions.
She is speaking in complete sentences that makes sense.

I felt my heart swell with love and immsense pride for my first born twin.
She is everything I hope for in a daughter and much, much more.