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She did ... WHAT?!

All of us accompanied Daniel to his appointment with the ENT Specialist yesterday. We were in the waiting room - husband was reading a "Top Gear" magazine, Charlotte was drawing on a note pad, Daniel was concentrating on a puzzle and I was supervising everyone. Enough said.

Just as the specialist opened his door to call for us, I smelt something funky. Yes, one of my children had done a poo. Impeccable timing, as usual. There I was, pulling the top of their pants to check their nappies and yup, it was Daniel. I apologised to the specialist (who was running on time, mind you) for the delay and asked the husband to take our son to the parents' room to change him (which was on a different floor).

Charlotte wanted to tag along so there was the husband walking our son out of the door - to the lift - to another level to change him while I was in the clinic - holding onto our daughter so that she wouldn't run out of the door - explaining and reasoning with her in my firm & calm voice.
After she had calmed down and was distracted by a book, I stood at the receptionist desk to go through paperwork when it dawned on me that Charlotte had become very quiet. In fact, as quiet as a church mouse.
Looking over, I saw that she was hunched over with her hands on her belly. I knew in that instance what she was doing. Yes, "squeezing" poo out of her system!
Charlotte 1 - Mummy 0. She won this round hands down.
I told the receptionist that I too, needed to be excused because blah blah blah. They burst out laughing.
Therefore, it came as no surprise that the husband and son were astonished that I had rocked up to the parents' room with our daughter in tow.
Talk about impeccable timing and not wanting to miss out on A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G.
Have a fantastic Thursday,