Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sweet Revenge. Well played.

I am never giving my son the option to pick a cake with chocolate ganache on top.
Ever again.

He licked it ever so slowly with the tip of his tongue, sucked it ever so delicately with his small mouth and tormented me with his double dimple cheeks as he smiled and looked at me with his pair of cheeky eyes.
It took him 30 FREAKING MINUTES to eat that puny mini chocolate cupcake topped with swirly chocolate ganache and 2 mini marshmallows (which he gobbled first with gusto).  
Really. Why would it take him sooo long to eat it?
Needless to say, he did not look like the photo on this post throughout the 30 minutes. I had no time to take the after photos, ok?

 He was covered with chocolate, everywhere. On his face, neck, arms, shirt, shorts, parts of his legs, on the table and yes, even on the chair. Yes, he sat quietly and still for all those 30 minutes so how did he create such a mess?!
I was wiping, wiping, wiping while he was laughing, laughing, laughing.
Well played, Daniel. Well played.

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