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A small bucket list of experiences for my young family

Many parents will agree with me that infancy,  intensive nurturing PLUS a whole host of "caring for infants" can be a challenging phase whether you have help or not. The saving grace was that my twins were very content in their double stroller - they were quiet and fell asleep easily which made it very pleasurable for me to be out & about with them on my own.
The ages of 16 months - 20 months were very challenging as they were both struggling to communicate with me in a variety of ways without much success and this was exacerbated by their need to exert their independence at the same time! It was hard for them and us because I did not know if they understood what I was trying to say and I had to no idea what they were saying!
Gradually, it got better. Charlotte is a good communicator and Daniel is starting to pick up on his speech. Naturally, our relationship has improved dramatically as well. I love being able to negotiate with them and understanding their needs / demands.
Many parents will agree with me that children grow up very quickly and the last 2 years have literally gone by in a flash. Here's quick snap shot of the next few years:
2014: Junior Kindergarten
2015: Kindergarten
2016: Primary School (Prep Year)
Before they enter Primary School at the age of 5, here are a few experiences I'd like us to have as a family.

 If you have been following my blog, you would know that their bedtime of 6:30pm is VERY SACRED in our family. Therefore, to put down two night-time activities are somewhat huge for us. Still, we must do that for them and for us as a family. Their reactions to those two activities will be nothing short of a-m-a-z-I-n-g.
We will be going on a 1 hour steam train ride on the 1st December and Daniel will be over-the-moon excited as he is soooooo into trains at the moment. We cannot wait to see his reaction!!!!
Before Charlotte and Daniel joined our family, we used to go snow skiing annually. During those holidays, we always marvelled at how quickly young children picked up the sport. Our recent experience with our children on their two wheel bikes once again reminded us that it is best to start them young and yes, our kids have great balance! We look forward to introducing them to snow and signing them up for ski school!
I used to take the kids to the cinema when they were infants for "babes in arm" sessions. With me in the last row and the twins in their twin stroller right behind me. Charlotte and Daniel enjoy watching movies at home - granted, their attention span is like 20 mins at this point. Hopefully, when they can prove to us that they are able to sit still a little longer than that, we may take them to the movies!!!!
We live about 45 minutes to the closest theme park and reckon that either Sea World / Movie World is best for young children. It's certainly on my list to take them to one of those theme parks in 2014!!!!
Now, over to you. What's on your bucket list for your family or perhaps yourself?
Have a fantastic hump day,