Sunday, November 24, 2013

Christmas: Great Idea for X'mas Eve!

There are so many amazingly creative people in the world. Their ideas and creations range from simple to WOWZER with what I believe guarantees over-the-top, out-of-this-world reactions unless you have a heart of stone.

I am into the simple and this idea rocks my heart! Presenting .... a Christmas Eve box for the young ones! I am sure adults wouldn't mind having one too!


How simple and cool is this idea? I can already imagine us presenting a box to each of our children in their bedroom after their bath on Christmas Eve! They will be so excited! The box pictured above features: Christmas PJs, a packet of microwavable pop corn, 2 packets of instant hot chocolate and a Christmas movie.

I am two minds about this idea - we should do this (minus the hot chocolate and pop corn) and it is only one night of the entire year and we should not because we won't be sticking to their bedtime of 6:30pm! I know I am a nut case!

Still, I think it will be lovely to make an exception and for all of us to cuddle up on the couch after we've all had a shower and watch Polar Express. The kids with their milk (plus special cookies) and the adults with whatever we desire so long as there are some healthy options so that the kids can join in.

If I had a Christmas Eve box, this is what I would like it to contain:

In all seriousness, all I want for Christmas Eve is to be surrounded by my loved ones and to keep making memories as a family.

What about you??

From my family to yours,


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