Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Clever idea: Packing nappies when out & about

When I first learnt I was having twins, I went into reading and "research" mode. Finding out all I could about the development of twins in utero and what I needed to do, the caring of twin infants, the essential things we must have, etc. Conversations with other parents while I was pregnant gravitated towards two areas: the lack of sleep and the enormous number of nappies we would be using.
Let's talk nappies. For the record, we changed 24 nappies in our first 24 hours of being home with our twins. Thank goodness for disposables! You could say we are pros at changing nappies with both eyes closed and one handed.
I came across a website (while I was pregnant) that had great tips on being organised for parents of multiples. One of those tips which I am still practising today involves packing nappies when out & about.
Nappies and nappy bags go hand in hand. One cannot do without the other. Therefore, instead of packing these two components that take up a considerable amount of space in your nappy bag, why not pack them together like this...
photo credit: from Be a Fun Mum blog
See that! Fold a nappy sack into each nappy. How simple and genius of an idea this is! If baby wipes didn't dry out, I would be sticking at least 4 sheets of wipes inside the nappy along with the sack.
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