Thursday, November 21, 2013

Experience: Ice cubes are falling from the sky!
Following yesterday's post about our {small} bucket list of experiences for the twins before they turn 5 years old, they experienced an impromptu experience this week from Mother Nature!
Hail Storms are common during Spring and Summer here in Australia but it is the first time, the children are aware of it.
We love sitting on the floor with the twins in our entrance foyer as it has four floor to ceiling windows which flanks both sides of our door. We talk about the colour of the skies, ferocity of the winds, the sounds we hear, the bolts of lightning and the roar of the thunder, etc. Fascinating stuff.
On this occasion, the sky took on a greenish hue and we knew, this is no ordinary storm. It's HAIL! Our children would describe it as "Ice from the sky!"
The storm rolled across our skies very quickly and the winds picked up speed. Rain fell hard and we could hear "ting ting ting" on our roof. It's hailing!
Check out the "snow" in the photo on the left. This is considered to be mild.
When the storm was over, hubby led his children out to check out the "snow". He scooped it up with his hands and started eating them! Suffice to say, the kids wanted to try too and declared them to be, "Yummy! followed by "More Please!"
Have a splendid Thursday,


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