Friday, November 22, 2013

Gateful Fridays: My Career and Annual Leave


Did you jump out of bed like I did when you realised that Friday has come around?
I am very grateful for my career as it affords me opportunities and choices, both of which enables me to function rationally, most of the time. On top of that, I am passionate about what I do for a living with the added bonus of enjoying my colleague's company.
The company has shown immense understanding and grace during our years of infertility, keeping my position for me when I went on 13 months maternity leave and accepting my request to be a hands on working mummy when I was ready to return to work.
For those of us who work outside the home, recreational leave / annual leave / rostered day off is highly anticipated!
I am counting down to mine because in 3.5 weeks time, I will be on leave for .... FIVE GLORIOUS WEEKS! In addition, my parents are joining us for Christmas this year! This also means, I get to spend brilliant quality time with my children (childcare closes for 1 week).
What are you grateful for on this glorious Friday?

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