Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Give them Ownership

For years, many have told me that ''Christmas is very special with young children''. The first two Christmases with the kids were OKAY.
They were 8 months old when they ushered in their first Christmas and it was a very civilised day - the kids fell asleep midway opening their presents, they napped while the adults ate, they kinda played with their presents while the adults laughed. Civilised.
They were 20 months for their second Christmas and we were in Singapore. It was tiring and at times stressful - we had Christmas lunch in a 5 star hotel and it was crowded (as to be expected), the kids wanted to walk around and refuse to sit still for longer than 3 minutes (as to be expected) and we were very exhausted because sharing a bedroom with the kids is not ideal and one of them would scream at 3am every single morning so that she could get into our bed (enough said). Challenging.
They will be 32 months for the upcoming Christmas Season and I am beginning to agree that "Christmas is very special with young children". Their excitement is very infectious, to state the least and we are still at least 7 weeks to Christmas. Yes, Christmas has certainly come early into our home.
On the weekend, we paid our very first visit to a proper Christmas Shop. It's like Christmas has literally exploded in the shop and came home with 2 led lights which have taken pride of place on both sides of our main entrance.
The first thing the kids did when they came home from kindy yesterday was to check out those lights yet again! Their excitement is palpable!
Then an idea came to me ...
I brought out the wooden Christmas tree with all its teeny tiny ornaments and demonstrated how it ought to be decorated and they are quick learners! I only hung one ornament up and they did the rest! Interestingly, once the wooden tree was up in its full glory, the children left it alone - stood back and admired their handy work! *phew*
Now, that is good practice for when we dress up our big 7 foot Christmas tree!

Lesson learnt: Get them involved, give them ownership and it will not be 'destroyed'.
Have a joyous day,


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