Friday, November 1, 2013

Grateful Fridays: Christmas and Traditions

I am one of the many people who looks forward to Christmas because of what it means on all levels from biblical to downright indulgence. Seriously, what's there not to love?
This year is going to be a wee bit more exciting for us because I doubt the kids will (almost) fall asleep midway through opening their Christmas presents like they did last year. They seem to know a little more about Christmas this year without any help from us!

On the topic of presents, I am very proud to announce that all Christmas shopping for kids and in-laws are completed. Yes, they are all wrapped and tagged as well. Yes, they are hidden away. The hardest people to buy for are my husband and parents.

One of the kids has been showing keen interest in crafting so I bought a few craft kits that does not require cutting or sewing and only requires craft glue (so that little fingers do not stick together) to assemble. Here's the first project Charlotte and I completed. She was very thrilled with the end product and couldn't wait for daddy to get home from work so that she could show him. I think this is a new tradition we will keep.
On the topic of traditions, this is our family tradition since the year they were born. In their first year (2011), photo with Santa was uneventful except Daniel kept yanking Santa's beard. In their second year (2012), it was also uneventful except 'stranger danger' was ranked pretty high on their minds so we had the kids on our laps. Who knows what this year will bring? My husband and I made a pact that we will have a photo with Santa every year even if we have to bribe them kicking and screaming because it will be worth the trouble in years to come when we reflect on them. One thing for certain, I will be wearing a different dress this year.
Are you counting down to Christmas too?

Gratefully yours,

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  1. Oh wow you are done with xmas shopping!! that's fast! love that craft bag you and your girl did, it looks awesome! I think crafting is a great way to get ready for the festive season too! Thanks for linking up!! =)

    1. Hi Summer!

      Yes presents done and dusted except for a few. I love shopping when there are no crowds as it us more relaxing and enjoyable! My daughter does crafting and I enjoy doing them with her just like you and yours!

      Keep blogging! I love reading your posts!!!