Saturday, November 30, 2013

I feed my children canned food

Yes I do because canned food especially baked beans "fresh" out of the can is oh-so-delicious and my children LOVE it!
Yes, you read it right. "Fresh" out of the can. No reheating necessary. What's even better is baked beans out of the fridge served on hot days when the mere mention of cooking over the stove will send anyone over the edge.
My children dine on baked beans at least once a week and the combinations are endless. Here are our top 10 ways of eating baked beans:
  • Baked beans with organic beef sausages
  • Baked beans with pasta and meat balls
  • Baked beans topped with 3 grated cheeses
  • Baked beans with bacon and eggs
  • Baked beans with left overs of rice, broccoli and corn
  • Baked beans with side of toasted cheese sandwich
  • Baked beans au natural
  • Baked beans with spaghetti topped with grated cheese
  • Baked beans on bread
  • Baked beans on corn thins topped with grated cheese
You can say that baked beans is my go to emergency food. What about you? What's your go to emergency food?
Have a splendid weekend with your family,

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