Monday, November 4, 2013

Meals: Variety and Presentation

I am the cook in our family and prepare all our meals when we are home. Trust me, I often experience mental blanks on what to prepare for our next meal because I think variety is key and children are fickle minded. What they consider to be a favourite food last week may well be their most hated food this week!
They sure know how to do my head in.
The concept of variety was introduced to my children when they started weaning at 4 months. They ate their first meat & vegetables casserole at 6 months and at 7 months,  they were introduced to beef & kidney casserole! Yes, you read correct. Kidneys. Suffice to say, my husband refused to change their nappies after that meal. Lesson learnt. Beef, good. Kidneys, not good. Thankfully, my children also enjoy a large variety of fruits!
Most of the time, the kids will eat what we eat and they love it when we all sit at the dinning table. It's a wonderful practice as a family especially on weekends when we are all together. They also enjoy the one on one attention and tend to eat much better too!
To entice the children with the meal that is in front of them, I utilise 'tools' to present them in what I consider to be visually interesting for them and simple for me to implement. I am certainly no bento expert and seriously, am too lazy to be one as it is too finicky.
This 'new' style of food presentation seems to go down very well with my kids and they are very reasonably priced too. It's a winner, in my books.
If you are in need of some inspiration with your family meals, check out some of our favourites by clicking here.
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