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Morning Madness: Getting twins ready for childcare

The morning madness at home with children.
Getting them out of bed, plonking breakfast in front of them hoping that they will eat and not make more mess, telling one kid to use the toilet while trying to get the nappy off the other, getting them out of their PJs and hoping that they will put on the ensemble you have set out for them during the day and... just before you are ready to head out of the door, where are the freaking keys? where are the shoes? where are the kids?!
Sounds familiar?
My husband has been doing this with the kids on his own since they were 9 months young and he's a pro at it. He can get them out of the door by 7:45am pronto, 4 days a week when they go to childcare. On the day when I am home with the kids, the kids and I are out of our home by 8:00am for our morning outing.
Want to know our secret? Here's what works for us.
Morning Routine
It is a way of life. Stick to it and everyone knows what's going to happen next. Predictability in this case, breeds contentment.
Clothing wars no more
Our kids do not have a uniform for childcare so we literally put them in their day clothes for bedtime the night before. Yes, we do not change them out of it in the morning.
Having said that, my children do own pyjamas and they get to wear them on Tuesday night (since they are with me on Wednesday) and on Friday & Saturday nights. All other nights? They are in their going out clothes of 100% cotton tops and bottoms.
Breakfast choices
Breakfast is an important meal for the day. We offer different choices each day. Monday - toast with butter and fruit salad. Tuesday - baked beans and fruit salad. Wednesday - cereal with milk and fruit salad. Thursday - toast with butter & jam and fruit salad. Friday - baked beans with toast & butter and fruit salad. Saturday - cereal with milk and fruit salad. Sunday - hot breakfast with the works (bacon, eggs, toast, baked beans and yes, fruit salad).
Get everything ready the night before
If you need to pack a bag with sheets and extra clothes, do it the night before and plonk it in the car. Do not leave it anywhere else. Place shoes either at the door or in the car so there's no hunting down shoes 1 min before everyone's due out of the door.
What about you? How do you go about the morning rush in your home??
Have a fantastic Tuesday,

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