Wednesday, November 27, 2013

This is what weekends are all about.

Happy Hump Day! I trust you are already counting down to the weekend like I am. I love Wednesdays because it is my {quality} day with the children. With the occasional social thrown in. No corporate work - no calls and no emails. Yes, I am cut throat like that.
Wednesday is also the day I reflect on the weekend that has been and of the weekend ahead. This weekend may see us put up the Christmas tree (the kids will be very excited) with the kids for the first time and on Sunday, we will be doing something that is on our bucket list - we're going on a steam train. Yup, a real one! FULL SIZE! We are all very excited and hopefully, Daniel who is trains obsessed at the moment will be beyond thrilled.
Here's one of my favourite moments from the weekend that has been.

This is the view from the kitchen - when am I never in the kitchen, really?! Again, I digress.

It was a stinking hot day and the best way to cool the kids down without confining them in air-conditioned comfort is .... water play in a shaded spot in our backyard!

Coincidentally, the Cricket was on and that means, the husband spent time with the children while watching cricket {yes, this is a male's definition of multi-tasking}. Win - Win. See the barbie against the wall with its hood down? That's our dinner cooking inside. Easy.

Are you looking forward to your weekend like I am??

Happy Hump Day,

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