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Toilet Training Charlotte: Progress Update
Charlotte (L) at 8 months and (R) at 30 months

We (her parents + child care teachers) started toilet training Charlotte in mid August this year when she continually showed signs of readiness. There have been several hits & misses along the way and at one point, I thought we'd stop because she was showing symptoms of regression. However, her child care teachers assured me that it is all part of the training process and that we should persist.

If you are a working parent like us and rely on others to care for your child / children, consistency is key. What occurs at child care must also take place at home.

Admittedly, I was the culprit. After a long day at work and feeling tired, doing housework - caring for the kids - cooking meals, tidying up, managing their behaviour after a day of play at childcare, I was simply frustrated at having to add to my growing list. Cleaning up her messes is definitely not a task that I welcome.

Everyone tells me that "one fine day, the penny will drop for her", I think the penny has dropped for me, finally.

{ Rewarding her with stickers and mini gingerbread man cookies }
Whenever she is successful on the toilet, she gets to pick a sticker from my special collection (encouragement stickers that teacher's use which I bought very cheaply for $2 - a booklet of 100) and is given 2 mini gingerbread man cookies. WIN-WIN situation.

{ Nappies are only for nap and bedtimes }
We stick to this practice at home NOW and it sends a very clear message to Charlotte that she needs to use the toilet the rest of the time.

{ Making a BIG DEAL }
Whenever she is successful on the toilet, we make a REALLY BIG DEAL by cheering, clapping our hands and giving her pats on her back PLUS stickers and mini gingerbread man cookies. Her pride and happiness is evident with our encouragement.

{ Know where the public toilets are located }
Pretty obvious.

{ Be prepared to run or sprint }
When I am out & about with them on my own, I bring the double stroller for safety in multi-storey car parks and convenience when I am running errands. When Charlotte tells me that she needs to go, I run / sprint ASAP. She laughs and we all laugh. Therefore, please wear comfy shoes.
- This is what we use for day nap -
Note: This is not an advertorial. I use them because they work for my daughter.
I think most kids love undies especially those that feature their favourite cartoon character. Charlotte has heaps of Dora Undies and I always buy 1 size up - it's more comfortable. Like I mentioned earlier in the post, she only get nappies for nap and bedtimes and Huggies Pull-Ups are great because when it gets wet, it gets rather uncomfortable. I suppose that's the whole point of toilet training right? To ditch the nappy!
Before I tried these Pull-Ups, I used to put her in the usual super absorbent nappy for nap and she would be reluctant for me to pull it off after her nap! Now, that is frustrating. With this particular Pull-Ups, she rips them off usually an hour after she wakes up from her nap. WIN-WIN.
- Progress Update -
She has made vast improvements and does #1 and #2 sitting on the toilet.
She tells me when she needs to go as oppose to me watching the clock like a hawk. 
She no longer wears swimming nappies for her weekly swim class.
She goes out during the day without any nappies and yes, she wears undies.
She wears super absorbent nappy only bedtime.
As a consequence, our general waste bin (that is only emptied once a week) is no longer 50% filled with soiled nappies and I no longer have to buy bulk pack nappies every week.
Now, over to you. I invite you to share your toilet training experiences with me.
Have a splendid day,
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