Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Letter to my soon to be 32 month young "babies"

Dearest Charlotte and Daniel
Both of you started the year as "young" and "small" toddlers. To be honest, I didn't realise how young and small you were until I was gifted a CD of images taken at childcare. You are still young and certainly no longer as small as you used to be.
In fact, you are both so much fun as toddlers in comparison to when you were infants. Don't get me wrong. You were both good infants - slept through the night on your own (with sleep training), fed & weaned well and enjoyed being in your twin pram which makes it so pleasurable to take you out & about, plus so much more. Daddy and I will always reflect on your first year with fondness (minus the sleep deprivation, intensive nurturing and reflux).
I love engaging in conversation with the both of you individually and together.
I love watching you engage in conversation with your toys and with each other.
I love engaging in play with the both of you individually and together.
I love watching you play on your own and with each other.
I love planning our weekends and watch you experience them.
I love planning your meals (most of the time) and
love it most when you eat it all up with gusto!

I love that you still enjoy your afternoon naps and have a nap myself!
I love that you are enthusiastic about your bedtime routine and
hearing your laughters in the bath!

I love when you call out "Good night Mummy" and "Good Night Daddy" a couple of times after we shut your bedroom door.

I particularly love hearing the conversations you have with each other
when you are in bed.

I especially LOVE that you love each other.
I love being your mummy and am delighted that you embrace life with gusto!

Always your #1 fan,

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