Friday, December 27, 2013

A special Christmas

This is our 3rd family Christmas and I have to say that we had the most fun leading up to this special day because Charlotte and Daniel are at an age where they kind of understand Christmas. They know of the Holy Family, Santa Claus and PRESENTS.
Charlotte and Daniel woke up at their usual time of 6:00am and on this day, they can eat whatever they want, within reason. We had our traditional Christmas breakfast of fruit mince pie and summer fruits. It was delish and the kids weren't quite sure  about the taste of the fruit mince pies.
This Christmas was made even more special because all the grandparents were present. Yes, you read it right. ALL OF THEM.  Needless to say, Charlotte and Daniel were overly indulged and immensely excited by all the attention.
Christmas lunch was lovely. We tucked into good quality food and conversations. I am please to say that there weren't much leftovers except for a small serving of Christmas ham. The quantity of food was spot on!
After lunch, the kids went down for their nap and when they woke, Daniel was great and ready to socialise but not Charlotte. Oh dear, the tantrums from her were what I consider to be epic because I have no tolerance for such behaviour. It is out of sorts kind of behaviour from her and we can only assume that it's due to the activity and overwhelming generosity of gifts and love. With a good bedtime overnight, she was almost back to her lovely self on Boxing Day.
I trust you had a lovely Christmas with those you love and here's wishing you a delightful 2014.

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