Monday, December 2, 2013

All aboard! Choo! Choo!

We couldn't ask for a better day to go on a Bucket List Outing aboard the Sunday Steam Train that departs Roma Street train station once a month. Yes, only once a month and it's not surprising that we weren't the only family waiting in anticipation for the steam train! It surpassed all our expectations - truly, it's a relaxing experience for both the young and the old.


Photo Credit: Brisbane photos. Steam Train at Ascot.
 You know the steam train has rolled into the station because the rule about not stepping over the yellow line on the platform is forgotten as everyone jostles politely for a minute space to watch it enter. This old girl is majestic. Even the train masters for each carriage were dressed up in the bygone era. Brilliant.
We were in carriage 447 and this is what it looks like on the inside. Quaint isn't it? I love that it continues to be restored lovingly so that we can all enjoy her and surround ourselves in an era where train travel was what we would consider today to be VERY slow.

A new outfit for her.
A new outfit for him. Appropriate isn't it?
Both our children took turns walking the length of the train with their daddy while my job was to stand with one kid by the window while the other explored AND dished out snacks (apple pieces, beef jerky, grapes , crackers, cheese, sultanas, water and milk) which were all consumed with gusto! Who would have thought that a leisurely ride on the train could induce such hunger?!

Yes, if he wasn't walking, he was standing the entire time. Daniel had an amazing experience on the train and so did Charlotte. I always knew my children love and care for each other and it was not until, it was just Charlotte and I on the seat that I realised how much she really loves her brother.

You see, we were looking out of the window from our seat and she spotted HUGE DIGGERS being parked in a fenced area. She pointed to them and said, "Daniel would like them!" In that moment, my heart melted and agreed with her. Daniel loves trucks, trains and diggers and he would love those HUGE DIGGERS. She thinks of him especially when he is not around. I love this child of mine.
Our train ride was 1.5 hours long and it was everything we thought it would be. If you'd like to experience this for yourself, check out this website. By the way, this was the last steam train for the year.

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  1. The steam train ride sounds awesome, I would love to bring my kids on one too if I get the chance! Great bucket list you have there and I wonder when we will ever get to see snow or go skiing now that we are back in the tropics. Haha. Thanks so much for linking up and have a great week ahead, Magdalene!

    1. Hi Summer! Thank you so much for your lovely feedback on the steam train ride and bucket list!

      You've travelled extensively as a family of 3 while your husband was posted in Europe. I love re-reading your travelogues and am inspired by them! No doubt you will be traveling even further afield as a family of 4 when your little one is a little older.

      You have a great week too!