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Boing! Boing! Boing!

Christmas is truly a season of excess especially when there are young children around. Charlotte and Daniel have been gifted so much by those who care and love them.
We knew earlier this year that we will gift them a trampoline because they always have such fun on the small trampoline at childcare. In fact, there is always a crowd of toddlers waiting their turn to hop on!
With that in mind, we commenced our research and to our delight, we learnt that a company in our local area makes brilliant trampolines. In fact, they are touted to be the strongest in Australia.
We took the kids with us to their distribution centre / display and experienced all their trampolines. Suffice to say, we all had a jolly good time and a decision was made to invest in their newest trampoline, the Thunder. It comes in 3 sizes - medium, large and extra large.
A deposit was made right there and then for the large size with collection a week before Christmas. Mind you, the trampoline comes as a flat pack so if you are not too good with putting together IKEA furniture, you are best to pay  their installers to come out to your home to set it up for you.
We hit a snag the week we were due to collect our trampoline. They gave our trampoline that we had reserved to another family. To say that we were pissed off was an understatement. To cut the long story short, they offered us the EXTRA LARGE for the price of the Large. We accepted their offer along with other things throw in as well as compensation.
Thank goodness, we have a large backyard that can accommodate the extra large size and it has been superb.
As we wanted this to be a surprise for the kids on Christmas morning, the installation took place on Christmas Eve after they had gone to bed. It took my husband, dad and I just under 3 hours to put it all together. It was HARD WORK! was absolutely worth it! The children are thrilled with their new addition and believe me, it's also a great cardio vascular workout!
If you live in Australia and are considering investing in a really good quality trampoline, I would recommend Vuly Trampolines . My final word of advice - PAY FOR IT AND TAKE IT WITH YOU ON THE SAME DAY!
Have a brilliant Saturday creating memories with your family,