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Grateful Fridays: Loving 'strangers'

Handing our children over to 'strangers' during the day when we are at work was not an easy decision especially when the twins were merely 9 months young infants (Daniel wasn't even sitting up independently at that age). To put it plainly, it broke our hearts and there was worse to come - the weekly colds and coughs {plus ear infections}. It was to be expected but that high frequency of illness in the first 12 months drained all of us. Emotionally, mentally, physically and financially.
Those 'strangers' aka Kindy Teachers were nothing short of amazing during my twin infants 1st year at Childcare. They documented my children's milestones, supported their development, introduced fingers foods and etiquettes of social dinning, the freshly prepared morning teas + lunches + afternoon teas meant they were exposed to a large variety of foods at a young age, introduced self-feeding, ensured that they were clean, kept a log of their nap times, etc. At the end of that year, we were given a folio of the artworks our children achieved (amazing) and precious photos.
In their 2nd year at Childcare, our children have amazed us with the things they say and do. With particular focus on socialisation, Charlotte and Daniel have formed wonderful friendships with a few in particular. In fact, they refuse to depart from childcare each afternoon until they have cuddled and bade those friends 'good bye'. It's very sweet and incredibly satisfying to witness how well-adjusted my children are AND crucially, the happiness radiating from them when I observe them engaged in play with their friends while I stand un-noticed by them when I first arrive in the afternoon.
Their Kindy Teachers this year have taught my kids so much with independence at the forefront. My kids help themselves to their water bottles, apply sun screen on their faces without any assistance, remove their empty plates after each meal, Charlotte takes herself to the toilet and washes her hands on her own accord after each visit, Daniel puts himself to bed for his nap without prompting, they put on and take off their own shoes, reach for their hats and puts them on their heads before heading outdoors, they clean their own faces after each meal and even wipe down their own tables! The list goes on and on...
I am deeply grateful for their Kindy Teachers who put my heart and mind at ease while I am at work because I know my children are having a great time, being cared for lovingly and being supported & encouraged at a pace that suits them. They are all incredibly important KPIs for me especially the part about supporting & encouraging my children at a pace that suits them as oppose to rushing them into something that "must be met at a certain age".
At the Christmas Party held at Kindy this week, we were gifted a generous package from their teachers (see photo above). Hand-made Christmas ornaments, a gift for each of them, two 2014 Calendar with their respective photos, a CD of photos (their head teacher loves taking photos of all the children in her class) and the crème de la crème.... their individual folio of photos and works for the year AND a lovely full page letter from their teacher to each of them.
It's been such an amazing second year at Childcare for Charlotte and Daniel.
I am deeply grateful for the village that helps us nurture them.
To their Kindy Teachers, I cannot thank you enough.