Friday, December 13, 2013

Grateful Fridays: My kids and their possies


I love that my children love each other and are always looking out for the other. However, there is also a "fear" in parents with multiples that their children may not be as socially adaptable (I think) because of the bond they share. Hence it comes as no surprise that multiples even at a young age are in separate classes to encourage them to be their own person and to make their own friends.
Thank goodness, this "fear" has so far been unfounded with Charlotte and Daniel.
My heart always swells with gratitude and pride whenever I see them engaged in conversation and play with their friends together and separately. I love that they have their own group of friends which I refer affectionately as "possies".
Daniel has certainly come out of himself recently. He is the child who is a friend to everyone, who breaks out in dance in the middle of the playground when his favourite songs come on and possesses a very hearty laugh! When he spots me in the afternoon, he will run / skip towards me with a big grin shouting "Mummy! Mummy!", stops at my feet - looks up to me and regale me with stories excitedly before running off to continue playing with his buddies.
The photos that best showcase his friendships are as above. All three boys grew up together as infants in the nursery at childcare and it's wonderful to witness their growing development and burgeoning friendship this year!
Charlotte has a best friend at childcare. In fact, she asks for her best friend every night before she goes to bed. It's quite amusing and sweet, really. The girls are often seen together and must cuddle before we depart childcare. On a few occasions, when I am in a rush to get them out, Charlotte will stop me in my tracks, "Mummy, I want to cuddle Eva." Even Daniel gets in on the act, any excuse to cuddle and kiss little girls. He is starting young.
The girl in the other photo is a lovely and friendly child. She's Charlotte's other friend and all three can be seen dancing, talking and having conversations while on the toilet. It's so very sweet.
On this Friday, I am very grateful that my children love each other and have the social nuances to form friendships with other children. Their very own possies. So cute.

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