Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Meal that took 8 mins to put together was gobbled up in 5 minutes!

Yesterday, I shared about my mini melt down of an afternoon with ravenous children DEMANDING for crackers, a cat that thinks it's ravenous because the bright blue sky had turned a sinister grey (she thinks it's night time) DEMANDING for dinner while I was desperately trying to get the laundry off the line ASAP as a storm was brewing overhead and as luck would have it, my work mobile rings loudly in the distant at the other end of the home DEMANDING TO BE PICKED UP. As quick as humidity was rising all around us, so was my temper.
Despite all that, I managed to whip up a very quick dinner that took 8 minutes to put together and was swiftly polished off by the kids in 5 minutes flat. Talk about savouring the flavour, not.
Quite often, the simplest meals are the ones that the children gobble up without any fuss and the more "complicated" meals left unappreciated. Go figure. Here's the speedy meal that my kids gobbled up with gusto and I apologise for not having a proper photo of the end result because I just didn't get the chance to take one amidst all the drama. In its place, I have cut and pasted the ingredients for your visual pleasure. Note that this meal is cooked solely in the microwave. Don't judge, ok?
The 4 ingredient meal extravaganza
(very balanced meal too)

1 packet of microwave brown rice (carb)
1 tin of tuna in olive oil (protein)
1 small head of broccoli florets (veg)
Corn from 1 fresh corn cob (veg)
1. Plonk the packet of brown rice in the microwave for 2.5 minutes (follow the instructions on your pack).
2. While the rice is "cooking", cut the corn off the cob and break off the broccoli florets into tiny bits and place them all in a deep microwave safe bowl with a lid with a little water.
3. When the rice is cooked, remove the packet and place it on your kitchen bench. Place the microwave bowl of vegetables in the microwave and cook for 4 minutes.
4. Remove microwave bowl of vegetables, remove lid, add half the packet of rice and tin of tuna. Mix well and serve. This step should only take 1.5 minutes.
With both hands on my heart, my kids polished this up ALL UP. Nothing was left. It is true, when kids are hungry, they will eat.
Have a splendid day y'all,


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