Monday, December 9, 2013

My Mini Melt Down

"I WANT CRACKER!" cries Charlotte and before I know it, Daniel starts chanting "I WANT CRACKER!" too. All parents must be familiar with this - some days, children are downright ravenous and other days, they peck like little birds. They sure know how to keep us on our toes.
I had one of those ravenous afternoons after childcare. Mind you, they both ate a large portion of Mexican Mince with pasta for lunch and a medium portion of fruit bread for afternoon tea at 2:45pm so ... technically, they shouldn't be ravenous! Much less, be demanding for cracker 30 minutes before dinner.
There I was at 3:45pm desperately trying to get laundry off the line as quickly as possible before the storm descends, the twins chanting in unison VERY LOUDLY that they want crackers, the VERY LOUD cat demanding to be fed her wet dinner (thinking that it must be late because the sky had turned a sinister grey) and my work mobile ringing VERY LOUDLY on the kitchen island which is on the other side of our home.
I lost it there and then at the laundry line.
Like a Drill Sergeant (I think), I barked out VERY LOUDLY at them and did not care one bit who else was listening in:
"Look at the sky! It's going to storm. I need to get the laundry off the line NOW!
NO CRACKERS! It's going to be dinner time. Go drink some water. You WON'T DIE!
TANZIE (name of our cat)! SHUT UP! It's not dinner time yet. GO IN AND SHUT UP!"
The laundry was removed off the line at break neck speed and the chanting only got even LOUDER, the humidity in the air was rising very rapidly (storm brewing) and so was my temper, the cat wasn't going to let me off the hook and the work mobile was ringing yet again.
EERRRRR. Is it me or does my home feel like a sauna?!
So, what does a working mother of twins who has clearly lost her marbles do? I multi-task of course.
First, I plonk both kids on the kitchen island. That almost always shuts them up right away. They love to be where all the action takes place and on this occasion, it works.
Second, open the pantry doors and took out 2 ingredients + cat food. Open the refrigerator doors and took out another 2 ingredients.
Third, feed the cat and start cooking the kids' dinner which took all of 8 minutes to put together. Serve dinner.
Fourth, while the kids + cat are eating their dinner, I return my work call and turn on the TV for the kids to keep them still.
Dinner was gobbled up within 5 minutes. Yes, nothing left in their bowls. Oh my, they were REALLY RAVENOUS. Then came the next chant in unison "FRUIT please mummy!!!!" while I was still talking on the work mobile. Great. Professionalism out of the window. Pronto.
Sometimes, you just got to laugh and that we ALL did.
Another typical afternoon in the life of a career mother of twins.
Have a great day,


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