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Our Top 10 Mince Meat Meals

Before I had kids, mince meat was only ever used in bolognaise sauce. Now that I have kids, mince meat is one of our "heroes" in our weekly repertoire of family meals. It is incredibly versatile, the meat is in minute bits so choking hazard is eliminated, takes a few minutes to cook up and you can mix two / three different mince meats together too!
If you are stuck with mince meat ideas for your next family meal, read on for our Top 10 favourites:
  • Pork, Turkey and Beef mince meatballs served with spaghetti or on its own - no joke. Combined all 2 or 3 meats together with your usual seasonings for meatballs and you will have a most flavoursome outcome
  • Pork  / Turkey Savoury mince served with pasta or rice - Pork / Turkey mince works best because it will not overwhelm the savoury sauces you add. If your kids are fussy with vegetables, add puree vegetables to your savoury sauces and your kids will be non the wiser.
  • Beef and Pork Meat pie - Made with store bought puff pastry and left over savoury mince.
  • Beef and Pork / Pork and Turkey mince Shepherd's Pie - Mash potatoes (made from scratch or instant out of a pack) topped with savoury mince and grated cheeses. YUM!
  •  Stir fry noodles with Pork / Turkey mince - When everyone in the family is hungry, this is what I come up with. Everything in a wok and done in 8 minutes.
  • Fried rice with Pork mince - All you need is mince, frozen vegetables out of a bag, rice, an egg omelette, soy sauce and white pepper.
  • Pork and Turkey mince Japanese Curry with vegetables served on a bed of rice - Japanese Curry comes in cubes out of a rectangular box, it is flavoursome and smells great. We add the kids' favourite vegetables to this curry -  broccoli, pumpkin, chickpeas and corn.
  • Beef and Pork Mexican Mince with lentils (out of a can) served with Brown rice or spaghetti  - a variation from spag bog and I use taco seasoning. I would love to serve this with nachos but I know my kids and husband will eat fill up on nachos first.
  • Beef Bulgogi with vegetables served on a bed of rice topped with a fried egg  - Bulgogi is a savoury-sweet-smoky Korean sauce and it is so delish! I use the sauce straight from the jar!
  • Pork Kalbi with vegetables served with noodles or on a bed of rice - Another Korean sauce that is so delish and yes, I use the sauce straight out of the jar!
It's 9 days to Christmas!!!!!!!
Happy Feasting Y'all,