Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The difference of 24 months

Over the weekend, we returned to Santa land with the sole purpose of taking the photo on the right (hoping that the statuesque train master will still be around) so that we could compare it to the photo on the left. Are you still following me?

Now that you have re-read the first paragraph, allow me to put this into time perspective for you.

The original photo on the left was taken when the twin babies were 8 months. See how they were kinda still, with some hair on their heads, dummies being held onto their outfit and their daddy looking quite at ease carrying the both of them in the crook of his arms? I reckon the twins babies weighed approximately 8kg each at 8 months.

The new photo on the right sees the twin toddlers at soon to be 32 months. See how they are no longer keeping still, with heaps more hair on their heads, no dummies and their daddy struggling to carry the both of them on his slim hips? Today, the twin babies weigh approximately 15kg each. Yes, 30kgs worth of toddlers.

We catch ourselves saying with increased frequency how quickly they are growing and I think this photo puts that into perspective for us, yet again.

Do you have photos taken in the same place over a time period too??

Have a splendid Hump day!

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