Saturday, December 14, 2013

Two more weekends to Christmas!

Photo Credit: Westfield

* Disclaimer: This is a frivolous post about first world 'problems'. You have been warned. **
Oh dear! Only two more weekends to Christmas and we have not had our annual photo with Santa Claus. We'd better get our act together this weekend because I can only imagine the "mad rush" the week or days leading up to the big day.
Other that this minute detail, the following have been achieved:
  • Menu for Christmas Lunch
  • Presents for parents, in laws, kids and a small handful of friends
  • Presents all wrapped up  except for 1 that will be assembled on X'mas eve
  • Christmas decorations in our home
 Do you have a check list too??
Wishing you a delightful weekend with your family,

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