Wednesday, January 22, 2014

33 months. Water babies.

My babies are three months shy of being 3 year old toddlers. They continue to fascinate, amuse and "horrify" me with their abilities to mimic, me. 

Charlotte continues to enjoy Dora the Explorer in every form, cuddles - feeds - fusses her babies, loves being read to and mimics reading on her own, considers herself to be funny as she tells me several times a day and can be manipulated into doing almost anything such as finishing her meals with the enticement of a single smarties chocolate.

Daniel is obsessed with trains especially Thomas. In fact, he carries his bucket of trains everywhere he goes in the home because he likes them to be near him. He enjoys playing hide and seek with his plush of Elmo, Lightning McQueen, Horse and George the Dog every evening before bedtime and gives the best hugs & kisses. He hates Bruce the Shark from the movie "Finding Nemo" so this movie is "banned" in our home for awhile.

Together, they are great mates who love and care for each other deeply AND have arguments over the most insignificant of matters. That's what siblings do.

We have been swimming A LOT in this Summer Heat and here are some of my favourite screen grabs from our Go Pro camera to remind us what Summer is all about.

33 months and they both love water. Charlotte can swim underwater and unassisted for up to 5m. Daniel loves being underwater and loves to cling on.

Always your #1 fan babies,

Your mummy

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