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Happy New Year

When I turned 18 years of age (18 years ago), I thought the years following that just flew by. After all, a lot of events / milestones occur during those exciting years of "young" adulthood. For me, it was the completion of my Diploma in Mass Communications, getting my heart broken, the start of my career in the media industry, taking a leap of faith to pursue my undergrad in Film & Television Production in Queensland (despite not knowing anyone here to begin with) and that meant, leaving the comforts & security of a home with my parents in Singapore and learning to fend for myself in another country, making new social networks, falling in love, living with my boyfriend ... and I did that all before I turned 21 years old.
Fast forward a couple more years and in 2011, I was bestowed with a life altering gift of parenthood. Now, the years since then has certainly flown by much quicker than the pre-baby years.
2011 was darn challenging. With twin infants.
2012 saw my return to the workforce for my sanity's sake and the juggling act, well, let's just say we continue to juggle and will do so until our children leave home (maybe in 25 years or less, if we are lucky).
2013 saw pretty much the same as 2012 in terms of the operations of our family and career. This year, we grew more holistically as a family and my husband & I are on track with our goals for the future.
I reckon, 2014 will be pretty much the same for us. The juggling act of nurturing our family and doing our utmost in our careers. With, more frequent date nights for us too!
Did I just like more frequent date nights as a new year's resolution?? I shall let you know we go about that as the year progresses.
For now, I would like to wish you a most delightful start to 2014 and to always keep your dreams alive!
Thank you so much for reading my blog and for sharing your stories with me privately.