Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Favourite Evening Activity

It's Summer where we live and we are hot, sticky and often than not, bothered due to the heat. Instead of plonking the kids into the bath while the hubby and I quickly take turns having a shower (one of us has to supervise the kids for safety and to ensure that their bathroom did not resemble a flood plain), each parent has taken to showering with the kids 1:1 (quality time with one kid) and sometimes 1:2 (fun times for the sole parents and two kids).

It's certainly fast becoming my favorite evening activity with my children. There are no tantrums  - we take turns standing underneath the shower head, they mimic me with hair shampooing, washing of the body and I follow-up with doing it properly for them, then we take turns holding the shower head as we put on singing performance of "Rain Rain go away..." before we sit down in the shower and have a final blast off!

Childhood memories are made of this.

Now over to you, what is your favorite evening activity with your child / children?

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