Friday, January 31, 2014

Nesting Mode: Let's talk counter tops and table surfaces

I often read that pregnant women late in their pregnancy go into nesting mode in preparation for the arrival for their bundle of joy. Therefore, I was fully expecting to be in the same frame of mind except it couldn't be further from it. The very thought of mopping our home and re-organising the linen cupboard would send me straight to the pantry for another bag of corn chips!

The last holiday saw me in nesting mode BIG TIME! I realised that I actually enjoy doing housework especially when there is no one else at home and the end result is highly gratifying. Take mopping for example. It is easier and more time efficient to mop when everything is off the floor (aka no clutter) so I have employed the same mode of operandi for counter tops and table surfaces:

  • Wipe down the kitchen surfaces, 2 mantlepieces, media unit, dinning table and top of the kids' bookcase everyday. {Takes 8 mins to wipe them all down because there are no more clutter on top of those surfaces}
  •  Wipe down the bathroom counter tops in both bathrooms twice a week {Takes 5 minutes to clean because there are no more unnecessary items left on those counter tops}

Rightfully, in order for those surfaces and counter tops to be cleaned, one needs to de-clutter. Needless to say, I was ruthless and it was cathartic. I learnt that the quicker I tossed things in the bin and set things aside to give away, the more excited I got because I could see all the available space for me to re-organise items that are essential for running my household. You beauty!

May I present to you my 'helpers' in the cleaning department?

It's natural, cuts the grease & grim and leaves my home smelling fresh too! 
{Please note that this is not an advertorial and I featured these products because they work very well for me}

Do you have any cleaning short cuts you would like to share with me??

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