Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Our Favourite Holiday Moments

Following from my previous post about us making a decision to not live out of suitcases this holidays and to have holiday at home instead, here are some of our favourite moments this holiday:

If you don't already know, the kids were gifted an EXTRA LARGE trampoline by us and this is what they get up to most late afternoons. Jumping, screaming, laughing on the trampoline. Yes, they go topless. It is Summer in Australia.

We play A LOT. Keeps them happy and that means, we are happy too. The added bonus of physical play? The kids are ravenous and that means, they eat and nap very well.

They love drawing. All the time. I have a craft box for them on their book case in the family room so when they feel like drawing, they drag the box out and set it up on their own accord. How brilliant is that!?

They love doing crafts too and these foam crafts out of a packet are sensational. At $2 each, all we needed was glue and even though, the kids needed our help, we gladly obliged and showed them what it means to follow instructions and to be patient!

We went exploring in our city. This is the Gallery of Modern Art here in Brisbane and needless to say, this exhibition was amazing!

We went exploring on the Brisbane River on public transport! Now, that's a treat for us! hahahaha

What about you? What did you get up to this holidays?

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