Monday, January 13, 2014

Putting ME first

With my parents' departure and the children's return to Kindy, I have been putting ME first and it has been liberating to state the least. I am certain many of us mummies and daddies struggle with time constantly especially when there are children in our midst. It's a never ending cycle of something to do, someone to tend to, meals to prepare, messes to clean up, mediation between the children, household chores, going to work, meeting deadlines, etc. The list is endless and it takes place every single day. 

We made a decision last year not to go anywhere for Christmas and the New Year. We choose to stay home, not rush around and simply enjoy being together. No muck up of routine, no living out of suitcases and that means our home is quiet from 6:30pm. 

What do I get up to when the children continue to go to Kindy 4 days a week and the husband trots off to work? Well, whatever I desire and my choices are all undertaken on a leisurely pace and uninterrupted by anyone.

This holidays, I have been:

  • Cuddling the kids when they wake up in the morning (as oppose to leaving for work while they are still in bed) and sitting down with them to breakfast before dropping them off at Kindy.
  • Enjoying housework at a leisurely pace without any interruption (as oppose to rushing through them before I pick the kids up and when they go to bed, by which time, I am also absolutely knackered having been at work since 6:15am). My home has never been cleaner and more organised.
  • Connecting with friends whom I have no opportunity to catch up with during the year.
  • Exploring the shops without my usual entourage. Just me, myself and I. Browsing and shopping to my heart's content. Pampering myself only.
  • Being still and not having to rush.

By doing the above, I have re-connected with myself and in so doing, acknowledge that I am a much better person for having time to myself.

I am going to try my hardest to achieve quality time for myself throughout the year even if it is a 1 hour pedicure session (which I finally did after a hiatus of 4 years!)

Now, over to do you put yourself first?

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