Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Best Decision. Ever.

Women. We think a lot and say quite a fair bit too. Hence it comes as no surprise that conversations and decisions do change according to circumstances. Before I was pregnant, I used to tell my friends and family that I will most certainly return to full-time work if we had one child and if we had twins, I will most certainly be a stay at home mum.

Well, we all know what happened to THAT conversation after the twins came along. I learnt that I was not cut out to be a full-time stay at home mum and that I am certainly happier being a working mummy. What I did do, however, was scale back on the hours / days I used to devote to my career. I have never looked back since because:
  • I am present for all their milestones. They would hold out showing their new skills until I was home with them. Their first flip, first drag across the floor, first stand, first walk, first time on the toilet, performance at child care, birthdays, etc. They ensured that I did not miss out, at all.
  • I learn to think way outside the box when it comes to 'entertaining' them. We read, sing, paint, draw, craft, paste, stick, play-doh, bike, sand pit, water play, trampoline, cook, skip, jump, run, watch movies at home, explore different play grounds and parks, lie on the grass and talk about the colours of the sky and clouds, hear out for aeroplanes and wave to them.
  • I get to cuddle and kiss them when they wake up in the mornings 3 days a week (Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays) and sit down with them for breakfast. I get to pick them up from Childcare 4 days a week - spend the rest of the afternoon with them - supervise their dinner time. Importantly, I get to tuck them into bed in the evenings 99% of the time. 

Whenever I reflect on photos taken of them, I am reminded that they are only small and young for such a short time. I am incredibly grateful and appreciative that I am able to have my cake and eat it too, in this regard.

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