Friday, January 3, 2014

We are not afraid of heights

For those of you who are afraid of heights, this may not be something you want to venture or perhaps it may well be your new year's resolution to conquer the fear? I am not talking about bungy jumping or sky diving. This particular experience does not require you to sign an indemnity form with fine print.
I am talking about SkyPoint Observation Deck on top of Q1 Resort and Spa. It is on the 77th level and offers 360 degree views of the Gold Coast and Hinterland. To say, that the views are breathe-taking is an understatement.
My parents who are visiting from Singapore has never been to SkyPoint and neither have the twins so it was a perfect day out for us while the husband was at work.
We left Brisbane at 7:30am and arrived exactly an hour later at our destination. Underground parking at Q1 is complimentary if you visit SkyPoint! I love FREE PARKING, don't you? Did you know that SkyPoint opens at 7am for breakfast?
Charlotte and Daniel were mesmerised by the views before them and yes, they have no fear of heights! The Observation Deck is fully enclosed and air-conditioned with ample seating scattered around plus a café / restaurant. Brilliant activity on a hot Summer's Day. Seriously, who wants to get sun cancer walking along the golden sands when you have the best views from the 77th level!
Our experience was heightened by a FREE kids club! Perfect. It offers colouring in, pop corn, candy floss and even a clown magician! It was simply and entertained the kids & parents too.
This photo perfectly captures the glee of my kids the entire time.
I love the expression on Daniel's face.
My kids are posers.
I love that they took 1 small bite and gave the candy floss to me to toss in the bin.
No sugar high toddlers! *phew*
"Check out my balloon puppies!"
Yes, we are not buying a puppy for home. Ever.

The Café / Restaurant offers their lunch menu from 11:00am and that's perfect timing for us too!
Lunch was pretty good and my kids would normally tuck into fish & chips but chose the snacks I had packed from home instead (rice crackers, fresh apple & pear pieces, sultanas and a packet of milk). I am certainly not complaining about this - my kids make good food choices and weren't even tempted by potato wedges!
The kids with their gong gong and por por
We left at 12:00pm and the kids along with my dad napped all the way back to Brisbane. Perfect.
It was a great day out for us and one that I would highly recommend for everyone. To find out more about SkyPoint and its admission fees, click here
* Please note that this is not a sponsored advertorial and is based on my personal experience *

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